Calm Intention

Photo by Todd Crawford.
Photo by Todd Crawford.

Tranquility drips from this warm, modern marvel of an outdoor space, designed by its husband-and-wife owners, an amateur gardener and an interior designer. Zen statuary complements an ambitious rock courtyard; the largest specimens of stone are arranged to form display platforms for artful bits of horticulture. “We found all the boulders and other materials ourselves,” notes the husband.

This hands-on approach infuses the area with a particular intimacy. Intention is everywhere, from the assiduously pruned and curated Asian plantings; to the choice of wood (cedar and maple), stucco walls, ceramic tiles, and glass in the solar-lit pavilion; to the subtle play of earth tones kindling the scheme. The strokes of green in the garden pick up the hues of the forest that closely hugs the oasis. Buddha is smiling.

The look: Warm Neo-modern

The luxe factor: Display pavilion with hard-maple, teak, and walnut cabinetry

RESOURCES: Architect Jim Samsel, Samsel Architects; Pavilion construction Jim Koerber; Pavilion Cabinetry William Young, By Design; Landscape Construction Furman Hoots

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